The next phase in the complex divorce trial involving Frank and Jamie McCourt, the owners of Major League Baseball's Dodgers, is not slated to take place until November. Until then, a judge ruled that Frank McCourt must continue issuing alimony payments of $225,000 per month to his ex-wife.

The couple had been married for 30 years before divorcing. The divorce became official in October of 2010, but some issues were left unresolved.

Once details are hashed out in court, the guidelines of the alimony payments and the monthly amount he owes could change. This is just one of the issues to be discussed in the proceedings, overseen by Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon, with the aid of two retired judges. Judge Gordon is devoting so many resources to the McCourts' divorce because it deals with a large amount of assets.

The trial, slated for Nov. 17, 2011, will settle any unresolved issues remaining in the divorce.
Judge Gordon also recently supervised the alimony negotiations between lawyers representing the McCourts. Frank had been requesting a reduction in the amount of alimony he needs to pay based on the fact that his income has been reduced because the Dodgers have filed for bankruptcy.

The primary focus of the pending divorce trial is the ownership of the baseball club. Jamie McCourt is claiming half a stake in the team, which she argues should be considered marital property. McCourt is lobbying for sole ownership of the team.

If the judge grants McCourt's ex-wife a share of the team, it might force McCourt to sell the franchise. The Dodgers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection back in June, and Major League Baseball is controlling the team's day-to-day operations until the matter is settled.
Until the bankruptcy process is completed, the judge is not going to make a decision on the status of the team's ownership.

Source: Reuters, "Dodgers owner to keep paying $225,000 a month to ex-wife," Alex Dobuzinskis, Sept. 14, 2011