iphone-gps-app.jpgThe new iPhone may be having an impact on at least one divorce case. Recently, a suspicious husband utilized an iPhone 4S app to determine that his wife was cheating on him, and the app did confirm his suspicions.

He bought a new 4S iPhone for his wife, and loaded a "Find My Friends" app onto it. His wife later told him that she would be visiting a friend in a certain part of town. The app, however, which has a GPS function, showed him that she was actually in a different part of town, visiting a man with whom she was apparently having an affair.

The app he used is designed to assist in such things as keeping track of children, staying in touch with traveling companions, or being able to find friends in order to get together with them.

The husband had previously suspected that his wife had been meeting this other man, but had been unable to prove it. The iPhone app displays the location of an iPhone user's friends and family on an onscreen map.
The wife in this case had no idea that her husband had installed the app on her new iPhone, and therefore did not shut it off for privacy. Her husband sent texts to her at various times, and it became apparent to him that she was lying to him about her location.

Screen shots of the GPS maps of his wife's locations and of their back and forth texts could possibly be used as evidence in the divorce proceeding. However, obtaining evidence in this fashion can pose legal risks. Our readers may recall a story from last December, in which a man who accessed his wife's e-mail account in order to find out if she was having an affair faced criminal charges for doing so.

Source: The Christian Post, "iPhone 5 Release: iPhone 4S App Helps Man Catch Cheating Spouse," Fionna Agomuoh, Oct. 20, 2011