Americans tend to have a general idea about the rate of divorce in the country, but new information gathered by the recent Census allows Americans to view divorce with a new light. According to the new Census information men and women in the South and West have higher divorce rates than men and women in other areas of the country.

According to the latest information, the general divorce rate among men and women in the United States is comparable. Divorces became final for 9.2 of every 1,000 men in the United States, and divorces became final for 9.7 of every 1,000 women. As divorces were broken down according to region the rates began to differ.

Divorces occurred at a higher rate in the South and West. In the South divorces became finalized for men at a rate of 10.2 for every 1,000 and for women at a rate of 11.1 per 1,000. Divorce rates seem to be connected to the rate of marriages in a given region. According to a family demographer at the Census Bureau, divorce rates in the South tend to be higher because marriages rates are also higher in the South. The Northeast had the lowest rate of divorces, but the rate of marriage is also lower in the region.

The report entitled, "Marital Events of Americans: 2009" is the first report to review and analyze marriage, divorce and widowhood among Americans ages 15 and older. The information used in the study was gathered from the 2009 American Community Survey. Prior studies on divorce and marriage in the United States were based on information collected from marriage and divorce certificates filed at the state level.

Source: Reuters, "More untie the knot in South, Northeast divorces least: Census," Molly O'Tolle, Aug. 25, 2011