Saturday, July 28, 2012

Recovering from divorce - the retirement dilemma

We often represent clients nearing retirement age.  When this occurs, there are special considerations that need to be made.  What does the reduction in income mean for the client’s lifestyle?  Will there have to be adjustments in income and / or spending because of reduced availability of retirement funds.  These are some of the questions that your Georgia divorce attorney should be thinking about, along with your financial planner.  Divorcing when you are nearing retirement age presents unique challenges as well as opportunities, but they must be fully explored in order to make sure the client is protected.

Make sure your divorce lawyer is adept in these unique areas.
Source:  Recovering from divorce as he nears retirement
By Andrew Allentuck, Financial Post

Monday, July 16, 2012

Video surveillance of a spouse OK'd by Georgia Court of Appeals

This month, the Georgia Court of Appeals case of Rutter v. Rutter came down.  The Court ruled that in –home  video surveillance of a spouse is allowed, even if they were not aware of the surveillance. 
The court sanctioned the trial court’s ruling that even if the purpose was to catch a spouse committing a crime, which may affect a custody case, the video is admissible in divorce court.  
However, if you suspect your spouse may be committing a crime and you want to place them under surveillance, always contact an attorney to learn your responsibilities beforehand.  An experienced Georgia divorce attorney like Edwards and Associates can advise you of your rights.