Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lil Wayne Slapped With Paternity Suit While in Jail

Lil Wayne Slapped With Paternity Suit While in Jail

On behalf of Edwards & Associates posted in Father's Rights on Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just days ago, Lil Wayne was released from jail after serving time for an October 2009 weapons charge. While he was still in jail, Lil Wayne received an unwelcomed message. The grandmother of an 8-year-old boy has filed a paternity suit against him claiming he fathered her grandson in 2002. If he is found to be the father of the boy, he may be on the hook for child support.

A court order required him to submit to a DNA test before September 10, but since Lil Wayne did not leave prison until November 5, the judge has pushed the DNA test deadline back to December 9. It is presently unclear why it is the grandmother, and not the mother of the child, who filed the paternity action.

We don't have any information on if Lil Wayne has acknowledged this child, or would like to be a part of the boy's life. If this is indeed his child and he would like to have visitation, it may become more complicated. For example, in Georgia, paternity can be established by DNA testing. However, paternity is only part of the issue if a father would like to be involved in his child's life. Paternity does establish that a man is a child's biological father, but that only obligates him to support his child. If a father wants to have visitation or custody rights, he must also request legitimation from a court.

Legitimation is the only way, apart from marrying the mother, that a father can have legal rights regarding his child. Without legitimation, a father can be required to pay child support, but the child's mother can deny visitation and communication with the child. Legitimation has some additional benefits for the father and child, including inheritance rights and the father's name being on the birth certificate.

Source: CBS: Lil Wayne a Free Man, but Was Hit with Paternity Suit Behind Bars, Says Report; Caroline Black, 11/10/10

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