stevemary.jpgWithout specifically saying her pants are on fire, a family law judge recently admonished Steve Harvey's ex-wife for making claims about their divorce that were less than true.
Steve Harvey and Mary Harvey divorced in 2005. Despite there being a gag order in place, Mary recently posted several videos on the internet and gave a radio interview on the Tom Joyner radio program, in which she made several damaging allegations against Steve.
Firstly, she claimed that the divorce left her destitute. Secondly, she claimed that the 54-year-old comedian and host of the "Family Feud" took her son away from her. Thirdly, she claimed that their marriage broke down because Steve was having an affair with Marjorie Bridges, his present wife.

These allegations left Steve in an awkward position, because the divorce judge ordered both of them not to discuss the case publicly. Fearing that he would be unable to respond to the allegations, Steve went back to court and enlisted the help of Judge Robert Dry, who temporarily lifted the gag order and allowed Steve to release a statement and a signed court order from the judge.

In a four-page order obtained by the New York Daily news available at the link below, Judge Dry refuted Mary Harvey's claims. He stated that Mary was not homeless or destitute. In fact, she received three homes in the divorce. She also received a $40,000 per month in alimony through March 2009, and then she received an additional $1.5 million in March 2009.

Regarding Mary's allegations about her son, Judge Dry stated that Mary willingly placed their son on an airplane and sent him to Steve Harvey without his knowledge. Steve Harvey currently has primary custody of their son. As to the allegations of an affair, Judge Dry stated that Marjorie Bridges was not a part of the original divorce and was not the reason for the end of the marriage.

In addition to being reprimanded publicly for taking liberties with the truth, Judge Dry ordered her to take down her internet videos and to cease discussing the divorce in public. A hearing to determine if Mary violated the gag order is scheduled for March 10.

If she is found to have violated the gag order, Mary Harvey may be facing sanctions. Because he worked with the court and received permission to publicly respond, it appears very unlikely that Steve Harvey would face any similar sanctions.