allen-iverson.jpgWhen a professional athlete divorces, the divorce can be very complicated and there can be a great deal of money and assets at stake.

For the second time in 16 months, the wife of Allen Iverson has filed for divorce in Fulton County Superior Court. The ex-NBA player, who recently had a run-in with law enforcement officials in Atlanta, left his high-profile NBA position in March near the time of the first divorce petition.

Court papers declare that Tawanna Iverson first approached the courts about dissolving her marriage in March 2010, not long after her husband decided to exit the Philadelphia 76ers for the rest of the season. At the time, Allen Iverson said he had to quit the team in order to care for one his five children, who was ill.

Shortly after Allen Iverson left the 76ers, and around the same time that he had been served the first divorce papers, he was stopped by Atlanta police for a failure to signal traffic violation. Police ran a check on the 2007 Lamborghini and found that Iverson, who owned the car for two years, was still driving with the original dealer tags. Reports say Iverson became agitated and used expletives in his conversation with police.
According to Allen Iverson's lawyer, the first divorce filing, which had cited that the marriage was "irretrievably broken," had been dropped. The attorney chose not to reveal why the petition was withdrawn. Both Iverson's attorney and his wife's lawyer were close-mouthed about the reasons given by Tawanna Iverson for the second petition filing.

The former NBA star has transitioned to playing pro basketball in Turkey in the last few months, although he has let the media know that he is interested in returning to the NBA. It's uncertain whether that desire remains, in light of the new divorce petition.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "Allen Iverson's wife re-files for divorce," Alexis Stevens, 6/15/2011