Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Father looks to regain custody in international dispute

Father looks to regain custody in international dispute

Anyone who has been through divorce knows that proceedings can become especially emotional when discussing matters of child custody. Of course, both parents probably agree that custody and visitation decisions should be made to protect the interests of the children, but it can be hard to find points of agreement when caught up in negotiations.

In the midst of custody disputes, parents sometimes make unfortunate choices. This is what appears to be happening in the case of a Colorado father who is trying to get his children back from Argentina. The man's ex-wife defied custody orders by taking the children and removing them from the United States.

About four years ago, the man and his wife were trying to settle their divorce on civil terms because they knew it would be best for their young children. However, the wife falsely accused her husband of being abusive to gain the upper hand during proceedings. As it turns out, the family law judge determined her claims of abuse weren't true and he awarded the father primary physical custody.
Only weeks after the judge's order was handed down, the mother ignored it and took the two kids to Argentina. Now, the man is looking to have his parental rights upheld, but he has to deal with the complications presented by international law.

Thankfully, both the United States and Argentina have signed onto the Hague Convention, which provides guidance in cases of international abductions and custody disputes. Though the case might be covered by this international legal convention, regaining custody in these circumstances is not a simple task.

Of course, not every couple deals with this kind of situation when adjusting to child custody orders. Still, it might be challenging for parents to come to terms with each other. This is why it can be helpful to determine what legal options exist and work with an experienced attorney to reach a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Dennis Burns Waits For Argentinean Supreme Court To Rule On Return Of Abducted Daughters," Nov. 12, 2013

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