Charlie-Sheen-Custody.jpgFollowing the divorce of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller, the two have reached a child custody agreement in what was expected to be a long and bitter battle between the two. In the tiered agreement, Sheen will get the twins every other weekend during the first 60 days. In the following 60 days, Sheen will have the boys an extra day each week. If all goes well, the remaining time will include time with Sheen every other weekend as well as Wednesday morning through Thursday morning.

One of the most important issues of the custody battle was the question of both parents' stability and ability to bring the boys up in a healthy and nurturing environment. The creative custody agreement required that each parent submit to a random drug test three times monthly. In addition, both parents must employ a nanny that will be present with them when they are spending time with their children.

In terms of Sheen's girlfriends, or "goddesses," they are not permitted to show any signs of affection to the children in public. Otherwise, they are allowed access to the children. Finally, neither Sheen nor Mueller are permitted to be photographed with another romantic partner with the twins present. This photograph clause includes Sheen's "goddesses."

This child custody agreement shows how family law attorneys can incorporate creative solutions into child custody agreements when couples are faced with tricky and potentially devastating custody battles following a divorce. If Sheen and Mueller let this matter be decided by a judge alone, the terms of child custody and visitation would likely have looked quite different.