Thursday, February 28, 2008

Is Collaborative Practice Right for Me?

In addition to being an experienced domestic litigation attorney, Ms. Edwards is a certified collaborative law attorney. The Collaborative Law process creates a cooperative environment where constructive communication can take place, and provides an arena in which the parties can work together to resolve their issues. This process is ideal for those clients who wish to resolve their dispute peacefully, cost-effectively, and without court hearing and trials. When children are involved, the children have their own advocate that can express their concerns throughout what can be a difficult transition in their lives. In addition, in case that would require an expert opinion, the parties can jointly hire one neutral expert, which expedites the case and reduces the overall expense.Furthermore, in the collaborative law process, you and the other party take an active and vital role in shaping the agreement that will govern your lives for years to come. This process of cooperation diminishes the parental conflict that litigation can generate and helps you protect your children from the fallout that can occur with a heated courtroom battle.

Finally, and perhaps, most importantly, the parties’ issues remain within the collaborative law setting. This discretion and confidentiality helps to reduce the stress level during an already difficult period and allow you to focus on resolving the problems at hand. As part of the Collaborative Law Institute of Georgia, Ms. Edwards is part of a select group of attorneys that are committed to an inter-disciplinary network of attorneys, mental health professionals, financial consultants and other professionals committed to representing individuals and families in a non-adversarial process.

The Mission Statement of the Collaborative Process is as follows:We are committed to a client centered process that focuses on the legal, emotional and financial elements of divorce and allows couples to negotiate in an environment free from the threat of litigation.For more information on the collaborative process, contact Ms. Edwards, or refer to

Contact our attorneys at Edwards & Associates to determine what the best method is for your particular case.

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