Friday, February 29, 2008

TPO Orders | Domestic Violence

Georgia provides protection for battered spouses through a Temporary Protective Order or TPO. If a woman claims that she has been abused or harrassed, she can go to the courthouse in your count, file a petition, appear immediately before a judge, and obtain an order putting the man out of the house for a few days up to a few weeks. The sheriff will usually serve the order the same day and you are barely given enough time to pack a toothbrush.The court will then set a hearing, which by law, has to be within 30 days. At that hearing, both parties can appear and testify as to what really happened The judge can dismiss the protective order or continue it for up to a year. It is very important that you be represented in a TPO case. At times, the TPO law is abused. At times, people will assert claims of domestic violence to get a “leg up” in a pending divorce or custody battle. If you have been served with a TPO, do not delay. Contact Edwards & Associates today.

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