Thursday, February 28, 2008

What you should know as a father:

You have the absolute right to all parenting time ordered by the court.
You are entitled to the visitation ordered by the Court and Georgia law provides a method by which to enforce these rights. If you have been denied visitation, you should contact our attorneys immediately. You must be proactive in protecting your rights. The longer you allow your rights to be violated, the more often she will continue violating your rights. You must exercise your rights and be adamant about protecting the relationship with your children.

You are entitled to pay child support in accordance with the new 2007 child support guidelines.
In many cases, the amount of child support is calculated with inaccurate / outdated information, or relying on the old child support formula, which was devastating to non-custodial parents. The old child support law often led the noncustodial parent to pay more child support than was necessary or required. Georgia law provides a procedure to modify child support. When you apply for child support modification, Georgia law allows you to review the income and assets information of the other parent so that we can determine whether or you are paying the proper amount of support. Not every person is eligible for a modification; speak with one of our attorneys as Edwards & Associates to determine if you are eligible for an adjustment.

You can be awarded custody and you can modify custody and visitation.
Traditionally in Georgia, the mother almost always was awarded custody, absent some serious character deficiency. The father often did not have a prayer of winning custody, even if the children would be better off with him. However, recently the Courts leveling the playing field and will consider the father as the custodial parent, given the right set of facts. Edwards & Associates has obtained custody for hundreds of fathers in various counties throughout Georgia.

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